Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Today room 28 did Youth Town and we learnt how to play field hockey in the hall we did dribbling and we did zig zaging around the cones in teams my team was Kayde Ashra and Shaniqua but Kayde was really good at that .We also played king of the square But I always got out after Jayden and you had to whack the other peoples balls out of the blue square at the end we do 1-2-3 clap

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Fractions Learning

My reflection
It was hard because 
I suck at fractions
but I did not get past
level 2
My next step is to get
better at fractions.

5 questions

  1. what is a fair share? Is when the group gets the same number of someting
  2. what does equal mean? It means everybody gets the same amount 
  3. what does a fraction look like? A number at the top and and  a line in the middle and a number at the bottom
  4. what is the numerator? the numerator is the number is at the top
  5. what is the denominator? the denominator is the number at the bottom